Our Team

As we have grown, we have been diligent to sticking to the values that have made us the UnMO and ensure each of our team members live up to them every day.  Take a chance to get to know the team, after all, they are our advisor’s partners!

Senior Leadership

Mitchell Whitney

Mitchell Whitney

Mitchell was born and raised in Iowa. He studied at the University of Northern Iowa in the field of business and economics. Moving to the city of Des Moines after graduation he soon realized that insurance was a way of life in this medium-sized Midwest city.

Mitchell got his start in the insurance industry as an independent agent. He was following in his father and brother’s footsteps. Having mentored under his father Mitchell learned the power of honesty, integrity and hard work. Having taken an interest in senior products and the introduction of index annuities and life insurance, Mitchell took a position with one of the leading carriers in the industry.

Moving his way up in the marketing department he soon realized that the marketing organization arena is where his passion was. Helping agents solve the same problems that he faced as an agent.

For the past ten years Mitchell has recruited agents, developed marketing programs and owned multiple marketing organizations. Being faced with the frustration of marketing organizations decreasing value to the agent, he started Whitney and Associates to put the value back into the agent/marketing organization partnership.

Lance Kelderman

Lance Kelderman

Lance was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa. When he isn’t working, he devotes his time to helping his wife raise their two amazing children. He enjoys coaching, traveling, and watching sports. Especially the KC Royals, Chiefs, and Iowa Hawkeyes.

As VP of Recruiting/Agent support Lance is an expert in our unique marketing programs and can help you determine which program may best fit your practice. Lance assists agents with presale case design, researching all opportunities and giving agents multiple options for their clients. He works closely with agents and insurance carriers in providing basic and customized annuity, life and LTC insurance quotes and proposals.

Realizing that carrier service is at an all-time low, Lance makes an effort to create a seamless relationship between carrier and agent. Before starting his carrier in the Insurance industry, Lance spent the 20 plus years as retail manager. He perfected his people and customer service skills along with his attention to detail that helps separate Whitney and Associates from any other organization. Lance is a licensed insurance agent and understand the trials and tribulations that our agents often incur. He is continually educating himself on the marketing concepts, carriers, products and the overall status of the insurance industry.

Team Members

Amanda Gymer

Amanda Gymer

Amanda is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Whitney and Associates. She is dedicated to partnering and building strong professional relationships with our Agents. With the ever-changing world of technology, Amanda is committed to keeping our Agents up to date with the latest and greatest marketing.

Before working with Whitney and Associates Amanda was in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Sales and Marketing. During her time in the industry she learned the importance of trust, communication, building lasting relationships and how to bring value to her customers. After working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 10 years Amanda set her sights on a new industry where she can use her current skill sets and learn new ones.

Amanda was born and raised in Iowa. She attended Iowa State University where she received her Bachelor of Science. When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her husband Shawn and two beautiful girls Lily & Mabel.

Myron Dill

Myron Dill

Myron Dill is the New Business Accounts Manager at Whitney and Associates.

Prior to working at WAA, Myron worked as a New Business Specialist for Midland National Life. He also worked as a Marketing Specialist for American Equity.

Myron graduated from American Institute of Business with a Associates Degree in Business Administration.

In his spare time Myron enjoys spending time with his family, camping, fishing, baseball games.

Becky Kelderman

Becky Kelderman

Becky Kelderman was born and raised in Iowa. She studied at AIB and William Penn in the field of Business Management.

Becky started at Whitney and Associates in September 2017.

Previously, she worked for one of WAA core carriers, American Equity. Becky held many roles over her 15 years with American Equity, including Contracting Specialist and Marketing Team Lead. Her knowledge has helped her transition into her role at WAA as Director of Contracting and Licensing.

Becky leads the process for our New Agents and getting them contracted with our Top Carriers.

In addition to assisting our existing Agents on all their contracting needs, Becky also works with Agents on our Seminar Program and tracking Agents production.

Becky loves helping Agents, that is what lead her to WAA, and the core values that are held within our firm.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family.

Whitney understands the needs of an agent. They are not about just trying to get as many agents signed up as possible. They take care of the ones they have.

– Paul L., customer since 2016